Sunday, 3 December 2017

Interview with Hon. Moshood Adegoke Salvador by Radio Inspiration fm 92.3 on the state of the PDP.

The PDP Lagos State Chairman, Hon Moshood Adegoke Salvador on 92.3 Inspiration fm Today Saturday 2nd of Dec. 2017

Anchor: Mr Chairman sir in the recent time we heard that Chief Olabode George was calling for the resignation of the National caretaker committee lead by Senator Ahmed Makarfi.

Hon Salvador: if you are conversant with the trend of whole scenario you will see that it was not only Chief Bode George calling for the resignation of Ahmed Makarfi lead Caretaker committee Prof Tunde Adeniran also did.

Anchor: why are they calling for the caretaker committee resignation?

Hon Salvador: As you know Chief Bode George and Prof Tunde Adeniran are both from southwest and they both suspected a fowl play, so they reacted but we have sort out everything at the last NEC meeting.

Anchor: The PDP National Chairmanship race is getting hot and all the contenders are all doing vigorous campaign who do you think the members should give their vote.

Hon Salvador: No one but Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George, because he remained the best among the contenders, non of them can matched Bode George in terms of experience and he is also an elderly person who know how to settle dispute among party members and for someone who was once Deputy National Chairman of PDP, he knows nook and cranny of the party

Anchor: we heard about unity list, what is it all about?

Hon Salvador: unity list? I don't know anything like that and I don't think that happened in the recent PDP. All I know is the micro zone of some positions and the position zoned to Lagos is Deputy National Woman Leader and we have directed the women to go and slog it out and test their popularity. No anointed candidate except we have only one  contender and as at this morning we have contenders.

Anchor: Sir, do you foreseen come back of PDP in 2019?

Hon Salvador:  Yes we are coming back strong and better, because no Nigerian will ever pray for the continuity of APC lead administration because when PDP was in power Nigeria was rated number one economy in Africa and APC lead administration have demoted our great nation to 28 in Africa.

Anchor: Sir APC lead administration said the hardship we are currently experiencing in Nigeria is all caused by the past PDP administration.

Hon Salvador: You know when a thief is caught he/she will give excuses for being a thief either my family are hungry or my children are out of school etc. And more so the APC didn't prepared for governance because they didn't believe they could win the 2015 general election so they are just opportunist.

Anchor: Atiku defection, is PDP going to give him automatic ticket?

Hon Salvador: Atiku mission in PDP is yet unknown, he has not make any public statement that he is running for presidency in 2019. His mission might be different and if Atiku want to contest under PDP, he should pick the nomination form at the appropriate time and slog it out at the primary, so no automatic ticket for anyone, no more impunity in PDP.

Compiled by:
Prince Rasak Olawale Fadipe

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