Thursday, 6 July 2017

The maladministration of Aregbe and APC - Dr Bayo Faforiji

                                   PDP Chairman Osun State (Makarfi Faction) -Dr Bayo Faforiji

What is happening in Osun PDP now is the outcome of the collective pain we all bear as a result of the maladministration of Aregbe and APC. We now live in mortal fear of an hegemonic and perpetual sustenance of APC desecration of all the things we hold dear and valuable in our beloved state.
This fear is so pervasive that we are prepared to go into partnership with Lucifer, if he can join hands with us to send our resident army of looters and destroyers out of Osun.
But in all these, we cannot afford to be oblivious of the background to our current situation in a holistic perspective.
My fervent prayer is that our collective sacrifice in this process in Osun state will lead to a resounding victory for our party on Saturday.
However, let's not gloss over the outcome of the Supreme Court judgment on Wednesday. It will certainly not be irrelevant in Osun state. It will present us with new challenges which if properly managed, could strengthen this new bond of love and unity towards 2018, but if not, then it may lead us to another merry go round and rancorous intraparty relationships, which of course, will be an ill wind.
Victory on Saturday is a task that must be accomplished, for the sake of ourselves and even our unborn generations in the state of the living spring.
God bless the PDP, God bless Osun state

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