Thursday, 6 July 2017


Below is the 2016 WASC results as released by WAEC. The states are categorized according to the performance in the examination. Oyo and Osun states are the only two southwest states in the lowest category. Very soon, we may be categorized as one of the Educationally disadvantaged states. This is a call for urgent action from all of us. This is more than an emergency. Even the Book Haram ravaged state of Borno performed better. Please share this till it gets to the decision makers and other stakeholders.

• Abia -1st
• Anambra -2nd
• Edo -3rd
• Rivers -4th
• Imo -5th
• Lagos -6th
• Bayelsa -7th
• Delta -8th
• Enugu -9th
• Ebonyi -10th

• Ekiti -11th
• Kaduna - 12th
• Ondo -13th
• Abuja -14th
• Kogi -15th
• Benue -16th
• Akwa Ibom -17th
• Kwara -18th
• Ogun -19th
• Cross River -20th

• Taraba -21st
• Plateau -22nd
• Nasarawa -23rd
• Kano -24th
• Borno -25th
• Oyo -26th
• Niger -27th
• Adamawa -28th
• Osun -29th
• Sokoto -30th
• Bauchi -31st
• Kebbi -32nd
• Katsina -33rd
• Gombe -34th
• Jigawa -35th
• Zamfara -36th
• Yobe - 37th.

 It is quite disheartening that the level of performance can be that low. It is a gradual process. What do you expect when teachers were not appointed where needed, where those on the job are dispirited due to no incentive from the government? The students will definitely suffer for it. The cumulative effects of this will have deleterious consequences on the future of our state. No efforts should be spared to get us  back to our prestigious position educationally. First, will be to vote out a government that can afford to toy with the destiny of our children at the next election. Second, there will be need to organise an educational summit to map out the strategies to confront the problem. God bless Osun State.

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