Friday, 7 July 2017

I AM SORRY - Ali Modu Sheriff Apoligized to Sen Otunba Omisore

A very close associate of Sen Ali Modu Sheriff disclosed how disappointed Ali Modu Sheriff was as the the jubilant crowd and shout of Sen Otunba Iyiola Omisore at Isokan, PDP Rally yesterday.
 This discussion was in Ideal Nest Hotel yesterday. The Ali Modu Shariff led contingent amazed, asked if Apomu, Isokan LG was Otunba Omisore's hometown. He was forced to query Prof Wale Oladipo of insincerity in passing information about the true picture of events in Osun State. He was further miffed when Prof Wale Ladipo's entrance to the rally didn't elicit any ovation.
The embarrassment was further aggravated when Ali Modu's mispronounced good afternoon in Yoruba with "E k'Osun" without response from the mammoth crowd. His shouts of PDP, more than three times were greeted with cemetery silence at
Apomu yesterday.

Osumare Arankaye
Ali Modu Sheriff later congratulated Sen Omisore with his sense of maturity in bringing the two factions together and assured Omisore that with what he saw yesterday, he will be happy when he leaves the Chairman's office.

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