Saturday, 16 December 2017

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is welcome to join the PDP - Salvador

Being the interview granted by Chairman of  PDP Lagos state chapter, Hon Moshood Adegoke Salvador, on Wednesday 13th of December 2017. On the popular show Strictly Politics anchored by Mr Segun Adebowale from Love world plus.

Anchor: First and foremost let me congratulate you for the successful convention you had in Abuja.

Hon Salvador: Thanks

Anchor: Now that the convention has come and gone are we going to see a vibrant opposition by your party, PDP.

Hon Salvador: Certainly, immediately after every convention there is always a committee that is setup to reach out to the aggrieved members of the party and after the committee finished with their job, then we are good to go.

Anchor: Sir I believe the reconciliation committee is headed by the Governor of Bayelsa state his excellency Seriake Dickson, did you know if the committee has approach southwest,

Hon Salvador: Definitely,  they will come to southwest but as i speak they have started working.

Anchor: The reason why am asking this question is particularly about the seven (7) aspirants from southwest and only two (2) from south-south and in the long run Prince Uche Secondus eventually won. What happened, when someone like Chief Ebenezer Babatope felt like it was the time of southwest to produced National chairman of the party.

Hon Salvador: Yes I agree with Chief Ebenezer Babatope, truly it was our turn to produced the number one citizen of the party, in fact I have many points to back it, statistically no zone should have contested that position with us in southwest, but how prepared are we in southwest, when we know the right person for the position, we all in southwest knows the quality of Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George, we know his strength and his antecedent in the party. Then you see people coming from different state vying for same position. How many people came out from the south-south, did you heard anyone came out from the southeast, why seven (7) people coming from southwest alone. Definitely you've divided your votes before election day. That is what those people saw and they capitalized on it.

Anchor: There was series of meeting trying to prune down the number of the aspirant yet nothing was achieved.

Hon Salvador: Yes! Series of meeting was held to prune down the number of aspirant, I personally went to all the states in southwest advising them to let bring down the number to one (1) but they refused. They are the one that made us to loose the the chairmanship position. Because from the campaign of Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George you yourself can see that he remains the most serious aspirant yet, the leadership of the party from southwest failed to agree on one (1) candidate.

Anchor: But sir, don't you think Chief Olabode George is an elder of the party, he should have probably left the chairmanship race for younger element.

Hon Salvador: Why do you think we don't need the experience of Chief Olabode George. How old is him that you are saying is an elder of the party.

Anchor: Is he not an elder of the party.

Hon Salvador: I am also an elder of the party, am also a leader of the party. Let me tell you; elder is not by age but experience, so we are not talking of age here, we are talking of quality and the experience of Chief Olabode George. Tell me how old is the President of Nigeria.

Anchor: What do you wish the newly elected National Chairman of PDP.

Hon Salvador: We wish him best of luck, we are going to give him the needed support because he can't do it all alone and by the grace of God he will succeed.

Anchor: Was there a unity list at the convention.

Hon Salvador: Unity list? I don't know anything like unity list. I don't even know the definition of unity list.

Anchor: Someone said that there was a unity list at the convention where names of those that should be voted for has been compiled.

Hon Salvador: Who signed that list.

Anchor: That is why am asking you.

Hon Salvador: I didn't see any list.

Anchor: Two (2) out of the contestants Prof Tunde Adeniran and High Chief Raymond Dokpesi said there was systematic rigging at the convention and some people are also saying that the convention promoted loud corruption.

Hon Salvador: I don't know what they mean by systematic rigging and loud corruption, it can only be explained better by the two them.

Anchor: Sir the convention has come and gone what should we expect from PDP.

Hon Salvador: You can have convention for show of strength but the one we had was to show to the entire world that we have a new PDP, at the convention we are able to show the whole world that we have a perfect, efficient and organized PDP, that people should have confidence in us. Especially those that have left the party, we have to show them that we have revamped the party and the era of impunity has gone, that the house is very good for them to come back.

Anchor: Some of the people that has returned to the party, one of them is the former vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who also spoke at the PDP convention, what do you think of his returning back to the party because he said "I am back to my home"

Hon Salvador: That is the best word for him to use "I am back to my home" Alhaji Atiku Abubakar happened to be one of the architect that designed PDP, he happened to be one the builders that built PDP, he was among those that painted PDP and to cap it all, Atiku is among the owners of PDP. There is no way you leave your home and be a tenant in somewhere else and be comfortable one day you will be ejected. So what the former vice president did was to show APC that he was at APC managing a single room apartment giving to him and he has decided to go back to his duplex apartment. He is welcome to the party, we are celebrating it because he needed to be celebrated so that others that are still having doubt if they will be accepted, will have the confidence of coming back to the party. Therefore, I am using this medium to call on those that left the PDP for one reason or the other to come back home, your apartment is still vacant, we refused to put anyone there, in fact it has been repainted and you will all be celebrated when you are back to PDP your real home. If we can kill cow for former vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, definitely we will kill camel when others joined.

Anchor: Sir what are you doing to mobilized into the party.

Hon Salvador: Our doors are opened for everyone,  I am even expecting Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to call me and tell me that he wants to join PDP and I will go to his ward, sit down with his ward chairman to welcome him to our rejuvenated PDP.

Anchor: Asiwaju too will be expecting you to join him in APC.

Hon Salvador: Senator Bola Tinubu knows that there is nothing for him in APC.

Anchor: Why do say so.

Hon Salvador: Leave that between me and Asiwaju, he is a very good politician and a passionate leader, he should come to where he will be appreciated and celebrated.

Anchor: Sir 2019 is around the corner, do you think Nigeria will vote for your party PDP.

Hon Salvador: I can assure you majority of Nigerian will not vote for APC. When PDP was in power people have food on their tables but now reverse is the case. In the last regime, former minister of finance Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala recommended the green program where they were empowering fresh graduates, they started with 100 people from each state and the second set was 500 people from each state of the federation and they provided the needed equipment for them, you can see the result on the economy been turned around in the Jonathan administration.

Anchor: Sir it is widely accepted that we have monumental corruption during PDP administration for 16 years

Hon Salvador: Monumental corruption is a blackmail. When APC was campaigning, they told you people that they will jail all PDP members who have stolen the country money. Now they are in power how many people they have been able to put in jail. They accused many people of stealing, they took them to court and court set them free, are they still thief. If the government of APC is serious in fighting corruption let them catch someone, prosecute him/her, if they are guilty jail them but if they fail to do that, then they are the real thief.

Anchor: Thank you sir for granting us this opportunity to interview you.
Hon Salvador: its a pleasure.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Hon Moshood Salvador unveiled plot by some PDP Chairmen to sponsor a candidate for the coming chairmanship race

 Good morning my good people of south west PDP. It is now very clear that some unseen hands are ready to destroy PDP. I was at the state chairmen's meeting yesterday, where they proposed sponsoring a candidate for national chairmanship position.

 I hereby clearly and emphatically state that I, Moshood Adegoke Salvador, the Lagos state PDP chairman, is not and can never be part of such irresponsible decisions. I also want you to be rest assured that No South West chairman can support such stupid and inordinate ambition. "Ilesanmi dun jù òyè lò"
Salvador Moshood

Interview with Hon. Moshood Adegoke Salvador by Radio Inspiration fm 92.3 on the state of the PDP.

The PDP Lagos State Chairman, Hon Moshood Adegoke Salvador on 92.3 Inspiration fm Today Saturday 2nd of Dec. 2017

Anchor: Mr Chairman sir in the recent time we heard that Chief Olabode George was calling for the resignation of the National caretaker committee lead by Senator Ahmed Makarfi.

Hon Salvador: if you are conversant with the trend of whole scenario you will see that it was not only Chief Bode George calling for the resignation of Ahmed Makarfi lead Caretaker committee Prof Tunde Adeniran also did.

Anchor: why are they calling for the caretaker committee resignation?

Hon Salvador: As you know Chief Bode George and Prof Tunde Adeniran are both from southwest and they both suspected a fowl play, so they reacted but we have sort out everything at the last NEC meeting.

Anchor: The PDP National Chairmanship race is getting hot and all the contenders are all doing vigorous campaign who do you think the members should give their vote.

Hon Salvador: No one but Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George, because he remained the best among the contenders, non of them can matched Bode George in terms of experience and he is also an elderly person who know how to settle dispute among party members and for someone who was once Deputy National Chairman of PDP, he knows nook and cranny of the party

Anchor: we heard about unity list, what is it all about?

Hon Salvador: unity list? I don't know anything like that and I don't think that happened in the recent PDP. All I know is the micro zone of some positions and the position zoned to Lagos is Deputy National Woman Leader and we have directed the women to go and slog it out and test their popularity. No anointed candidate except we have only one  contender and as at this morning we have contenders.

Anchor: Sir, do you foreseen come back of PDP in 2019?

Hon Salvador:  Yes we are coming back strong and better, because no Nigerian will ever pray for the continuity of APC lead administration because when PDP was in power Nigeria was rated number one economy in Africa and APC lead administration have demoted our great nation to 28 in Africa.

Anchor: Sir APC lead administration said the hardship we are currently experiencing in Nigeria is all caused by the past PDP administration.

Hon Salvador: You know when a thief is caught he/she will give excuses for being a thief either my family are hungry or my children are out of school etc. And more so the APC didn't prepared for governance because they didn't believe they could win the 2015 general election so they are just opportunist.

Anchor: Atiku defection, is PDP going to give him automatic ticket?

Hon Salvador: Atiku mission in PDP is yet unknown, he has not make any public statement that he is running for presidency in 2019. His mission might be different and if Atiku want to contest under PDP, he should pick the nomination form at the appropriate time and slog it out at the primary, so no automatic ticket for anyone, no more impunity in PDP.

Compiled by:
Prince Rasak Olawale Fadipe

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Hon. Moshood Salvador extends his generosity towards the newly formed PDP Lagos State Exco

This is to inform all State Exco that their nomination forms fee has been paid by the State Chairman , Hon. Salvador as per the attached teller.

Congress and appeal committees accommodation are also settled.
Please don't pay anything to anyone again.

This payment of N700,000 is to be added to the outstanding balance of  N1,410,000 to make the full payment

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Bode George challenges other aspirants to a public debate

Chief Bode George today threw a challenge at other contestants for the position of the National  Chairman to come out for an open debate about their vision, their agenda and their motive in contesting for the prime office.

Chief George said he is well knowledgeable about the culture and practices of the party. He said who ever wants to lead the party should not be afraid of a public debate that will showcase their grasp of the norms and traditional values of the party.

While Chief George told delegates from  Kebbi, Zamfara and Sokoto about the need for micro zoning of the National Chairmanship position, he insisted that the fundamental resolve of the founding  founders was to promote equity and balance in the distribution of the party offices.

Chief George praised the Sultan Saad Abubakar for his patriotism and his instinctive embrace of all Nigerians regardless of faith or tribe.

Chief George was praised by the North West Coordinator, of his campaign Organization Alhaji Bakori, for his selfless service to the party and his consistency despite the the twists and turns of the fortunes of the PDP. Alhaji  Bakori said Chief George is the most experienced and tested among all the contestants.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Lagos state has been pocketed by one single man and he believed nobody can wrestle power from him and if drastic action is not taking this man called Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will Mortgage the entire life of Lagosians and the only party to bring out the people of Lagos state out of this mess is the Peoples Democracy party (PDP).

Currently Lagos State Chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is in shamble and it need total overhauling while Hon. Moshood Adegoke Salvador is ready to re-shape and revamp People’s Democratic Party PDP in Lagos State and instill discipline into the party.

The politics of Lagos and Nigeria as whole is not peculiar to him; Hon. Moshood Adegoke Salvador had been in the politics of Nigeria since he was very young in fact the name ADEGOKE was derived from the then political giant in Ibadan BABA ADELABU.

Hon. Moshhod Adegoke Salvador was born on Tuesday, December 13, 1955 at Tokunbo Street, Popo Aguda, Lagos Island. He is the eighth and last child of his mother. Following his father’s love and political sympathy for one of the early nationalists and political giants of Ibadan land, Alhaji Adegoke Adelabu popularly known as Penkelemesi of the National Council for Nigerian Citizen (NCNC) Adegoke was added to his name.

Hon Moshood started primary school in 1961 at Holy Trinity Primary School, Ebute-Ero, Lagos Island, before he got enrolled at Holy Trinity Primary School he had already gone through Quranic education under his father's supervision when he was two years old. His father was an Alfa in the family mosque called Salvador's Mosque on Lagos Island. One of his primary school mates was Mr. Badru, a politician and former commissioner in Lagos state, who was also one of the aides to the former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola.
Hon. Salvador sat for the entrance examination to mayflower School Ikenne, Ogun State when he was in primary four and he was given admission but his father said he was too young to go outside Lagos. The following year, when he was in Primary five, he took entrance examinations again to Oriwu College, Ikorodu, Mayflower School, lkenne and Ahmadiyyah College, Agege and he passed all. After series of consultation his father agreed that he should attend Oriwu College, Ikorodu. So, Hon Salvador entered secondary school when he was in Primary 5 and not Primary 6.

Hon. Salvador was a brilliant student at Oriwu College, he hardly got beating in Mathematics, this is more reason he got the best result in Mathematics in the University of Lagos at 200 Level.

Because of his brilliance he came out in flying colours in his West African Scholl Certificate (WASC). He was a science student, he wanted to attend CMS Grammar School, Bariga, for his Higher School Certificate (HSC), his father was advised by his nephew, Mr. Ligali who was a teacher in Federal School of Science (FFSS) that he should attend FSS. The advice was accepted by his father and that led him to Federal School of Science, Victoria Island, for his HSC.

After completing his Secondary Education Hon. Salvador saw the needs for him to work, considering the status of his mates who took to working after their secondary school. Unlike nowadays, getting jobs was no difficult in the 70s and early 80s.

As a regular newspaper reader, he saw an advert in a newspaper that a Japanese company, Metal Box Toyo Glass wanted to recruit trainee for bottle technology. He applied and was among those shortlisted. During their training period they were taking care of, they got good food and paid commendable salary of about N24.50k per month.

While still at Metal Box Toyo Glass he saw an advert in a newspaper, a fire extinguisher manufacturing company, Epic Nigeria Limited situated at Itolo Street, off Eric More Road, Surulere, Lagos was looking for marketers to sell their new products.  
He applied and haven went for interview and saw how it was demonstrated and it effectiveness coupled with the remuneration offered, he decided to drop his bottle technology job and joined Epic Nigeria Limited.

Fortunately for Hon. Salvador he was a close pal of Alhaji Danmole, who was an auto supervisor at SCOA Motors at that time. Through Alhaji Danmole Hon. Salvador became fire extinguisher supplier to SCOA Motors and other auto companies.
Hon. Moshood Salvador was given a local purchase order (LPO) to Supply 50 units of 6kg fire extinguisher at N44 per unit. He calculated the amount he needed to finance the L.P.O and realised he would need up to N300 He went to his father, he explained what at happened at SCOA Motors and the need for N300 to his father. Being a trusted child, his father never asked further question. He gave him a Union Bank cheque of N300 to execute the job.

After the supply, he was paid almost N2,200.00 this marked the beginning of his being self-employed and that was how SCOA Motors became his client. From the money realized, he conveniently paid back his father’s money and started his real business life.
One day, as he was standing in front of SCOA Motors, he sighted his niece, the late Mrs Bimbo Odebiyi, in front of the lgbosere Magistrate Court, opposite SCOA Motors. He asked what she was doing there and Bimbo replied that she was going to Lewis Street to cater for National Oil and Chemical Company workers, at that time, National Oil and Chemical Company headquarters at Marina was under construction and Bimbo Odebiyi was catering for the workers. She studied Catering at the school of catering at Idi-Aba in Abeokuta and established a catering outfit called Aktas Catering Services. She  invited Hon. Salvador to her canteen. At the canteen, there was a man who came to eat and was complaining that the food was late. Bimbo tried to explain that the food was late because of shortage of water. The man was a senior manager at the National Oil and Chemical Company. He told Bimbo to look for somebody that would be supplying water so that the food would always be ready early. As the discussion was going on between his niece and the manager, Hon. Salvador said to himself that he could get them water. He told his niece later that he could Supply them water. Bimbo asked if he could do this and he assured her. When they concluded the discussion, he went in search of water tanker owner. He saw a man that had a water tanker and asked if he could supply him water in the morning and evening at a location. They agreed on the terms of payment and other logistics. Hon. Salvador would be paid by the company while he would pay the tanker driver It was not quite two days when he started supplying water that his elder brother, Alhaji Mojeed Salvador, who was a senior staff with the Lagos State Development Property Corporation (LSDPC), called him to discuss the possibility of working with a tanker driver working with LSDPC. He met the tanker driver and both of them agreed on the modalities and mode of payment. An arrangement was sealed on how the driver would supply water without delay. The man was doing the work well, as the money he was being paid by Hon. Salvador was an additional income which surpassed his salary at LSDPC.
National Oil and Chemical Marketing Company was paying him through his registered company, Mass Salva every Thursday. He was supplying 2,000 gallons of water everyday of the week with additional quantity on request, especially on working days, 1.000 gallons in the morning and 1,000 gallons in the afternoon at the rate of N50 per 1000 gallons, while the agree with the supplier of water was N20 per 1000 gallons. At the end of every month, he was collecting up to N2,000 from the company every month. The company was paying him N50 per 1,000 gallons, while he was paying the supplier N20 per 1,000 gallons. "I was paying N20 per 1,000 gallons to the supplier, while l keeps N30 per 1,000 gallons"

As the water supply business was still going on with the National Oil and Chemical Marketing Company, luck smiled on him one day when he saw a friend of his brother, Alhaji Surajudeen Onigbanjo, who was a Line Manager with the National Oil and Chemical Marketing Company. Alhaji Onigbanjo, a top manager in the company, was a friend to Mojeed Salvador, his elder brother. He asked what Moshood was doing at the company and he replied that he had been supplying water to the company for quite some time.

The man was surprised. He did not know water supplying could be a money-making business. “I don’t mind if you give me more business to do because I still have the time" Hon. Salvador told the man. For Alhaji Onigbanjo, water supplying was not a business.

At that time, Alhaji Onigbanjo was the Aviation Manager with the company. The company was controlling the Joint Hydrant Depot at the International Airport, Ikeja. So, the maintenance of the depot was under his control. In Alhaji Onigbanjo's department, there were some consumables called Aviation fuelling equipment were being used. He asked if Hon. Salvador could supply the equipment and he replied yes. That how Hon Salvador came in to Aviation sector, It got to a stage where he had to be supplying other oil companies, such as Texaco, Mobil, Total and others. The aviation job was not limited to the supply of fuelling equipment; it also included the construction of water separators at local airports, construction of offices at airports and installation of siren for securities at airports.

While supplying water, he met one of his relations, Mr. Ahmed Lawal, who was in charge of maintenance of the company's houses. As he knew Salvador had become a contractor, he started giving him petty contracts like dislodging sewage at their Eagle Estate at Satellite Town, Ojo; construction of security posts; Supply of keys and other items. This made him to be conversant with the head office of the company at Marina.

Hon. Salvador’s contact with politics.

Hon. Salvador was never thinking in that line until one day when he was approached by a political elder in the area. He sat in his office at the then 10, now 35, Owodunni Street, Onipanu, in 1989, thinking of moving his business forward. He was approached by Chief Odetunde, popularly known as Baba Olowo.

The man told him that he came to see him to present the position of the elders in the community to him that he should join politics. Having listened to Chief Odetunde, he refused bluntly. At that time, he hated politics and was not ready to give it a thought. Before Hon. Salvador was approached to join politics he has been doing lots of humanitarian activities to his community and to some people in his area, seeing a man with good intention made them to be interested in luring him into politics to enable him do more.

Chief Odetunde came the second time, he said no; “don't drag me into what l am not interested in, I don't know how to go about it, I don't have passion for it, I am only interested in providing for my community in whatever capacity I can." The pressure to lure him into politics and make him more useful to the community increased. Chief Odetunde came to him the third time with some delegates to make him see reasons for the need to join politics; not for his benefit, but for that of the community. They came to tell him that they had to get him involved, not because of his money, but as a result of what he had been doing and what they believed he would still do. Among the elders were Chief Fashakin (Baba Eleja), Elder Olorunmaye, Alhaji Alayi, Miss Motunde Davies and others

After much pressure from Chief Odetunde and other elders, Hon. Salvador acceded to their request and that was how he joined politics during the period of the defunct National Republic Convention (NRC) and the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP).

Hon. Salvador found himself in the NRC and he became the party's standard bearer in Mushin Local government, aspiring to represent it in the House of Representatives. The contest for a seat in the House of Representatives in Mushin was between him and Mr. Adedini, an SDP candidate. The election was conducted and he lost to his opponent. The process was stressful for him due to his inexperience in politics. A lot of things happened that he could not comprehend. As a fresher in politics, he didn't know the intrigues. Mr. Adedini of the SDP polled 3,800 votes, while he polled 1,296 votes. Before that time, no person outside the part that was perceived pro-Awolowo ever had 500 votes. SDP was seen as an offshoot of Awolowo’s interest.

Though, Slavador lost the election, his party, NRC, won the state governorship poll due to the crisis in the SDP in the state. The crisis was between Chief Dapo Sarumi and Prof. Femi Agbalajobi. Both contested the primary election. The crisis was not well managed by the leaders and this paved the way for the opponent and less popular party, NRC, to be victorious in the election. Sir Michael Otedola of the NRC won the governorship election against Mr. Yomi Edu of the SDP. The poll was a protest election by Lagosian.

Following the reaction of Lagos voters to the unresolved crisis in the Social Democratic Party, the National Republican Convention became the party in power in Lagos State. Sir Michael Otedola took over the mantle of leadership. This gave the party members hope of relevance in the state’s power machinery.   

As soon as Sir Michael Otedola assumed power, he asked for the list of the candidates, who contested on the platform of the party for the House of Representatives seats and other positions and Hon Salvador fell into this category, benefitting from the party. They were given contracts worth about N80, 000.00 each, as they were asked to construct drainages, culvert and do other jobs, to offset their financial losses as electioneering campaign. The party considered the contract as a token to compensate them for their efforts.
Hon. Salvador had no problem with what the party had given them as a result of their inputs, but was surprised when he heard that Dr. Segun Ogundimu, a medical practitioner and a political associate of his in the same local government, was appointed a commissioner for Transport and later that of Health. Dr Ogundimu took advantage of the members in Mushin to get the positions. He declared political situation in the NRC and the quality of NRC his intention to run n for the presidential race, never collected nomination form, but was regarded as a presidential aspirant and was considered for the appointments. Hon. Salvador was not satisfied with the party's position, considering his financial and other inputs into the party as a candidate, who contested for an election. He asked himself some frank questions: Why would an aspirant without nomination get appointments while duly-elected candidates of the party would not? He then came to a conclusion that, may be because Dr. Ogundimu had a higher qualification and was experienced.
This incident marked another phase in his life, as he made up his mind to further his education. He came to a conclusion that his failure to secure commissionership in the state was as a result of his low academic qualification. At that period, he was not a graduate, but a Higher School Certificate holder. He became a successful businessman, but lack of a degree stared him in the face. As a result, he decided to go back to school. He applied to the University of Lagos for a degree in Business Administration.

Educational qualification of Hon. Salvador includes:

Exec. Dip-Export-Marketing University of Lagos 1998,

Diploma Oil & Gas Fin. University of Dundee Scotland 2000,

 Bsc University of Lagos 1995-2000,

MBA Federal University of Tech. owerri - 2000-2002,

Msc University of Lagos 2002-2004.


Hon. Salvador at the National Assembly

Hon. Salvador at the National Conference

Makarfi should resign now -Bode George Campaign group

                                                             Sen. Ahmed Makarfi

— 21st November 2017

The Bode George for PDP National Chairman Campaign Organisation has called on the party’s
caretaker committee chairman, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi to resign his position with immediate
effect saying the role he is playing in the process towards the party national convention
slated for Dec 9, this year “is increasingly disturbing and rather untidy”

In a release issued by the Campaign Organisation, on Tuesday, and signed by its
Director General, Alhaji Ibrahim K. Aliu, the organisation said “Apparently spurred by
personal ambition of contesting for the Presidential office in 2019, Makarfi is brazenly
allying with a particular aspirant in the South- South to deliberately distort the process, muddle
equity and invariably destroy the democratic process for transient personal gains”.
“Makarfi’s Action, to put it mildly, is sickening, untoward, blatantly tendentious , totally stripped
of the typical moral high ground that often defines a well meaning, God – fearing arbitrating

Everywhere you look, Makarfi is planting the agents of his favourite South-South candidate to
stage manage warped and skewed congresses in an undisguised mockery of all the normative
patterns of our founding fathers whose enduring forte about equity, justice and fairness is now
being flung into the gutter. In a way, Makarfi is evidently resolved to repeat the farcical malady
that characterized the debacle in Port Harcourt last year.

“We have equally resolved that we will not be led along this ruinous path again. Never !”, Bode
George Campaign Organisation said. It said Makarfi should resign his position now for the sake of propriety, for the sake of all that is good and meaningful, for the sake of equitable balance and moral appropriateness”.

” We strongly advise Senator Makarfi to resign his position forthwith because he has been
severely compromised. He can no longer play the role of a neutral arbiter who stands far above the

He is already tarred and soiled in the muddy waters of partisan prejudice. Makarfi should now do the most honorable thing by walking away and face his ambition squarely. He
cannot use a privilege non-elective position to wangle undue advantages to his own side. It is
patently unacceptable.

” We need to redeem our party by being faithful to the great ideals of our founding fathers. We
really believe that elders of the party across the nation should summon an emergency summit to
deliberate on the right way to restrategise our party and rectify the wrongs on the ground . All
the elders across the zones must take it as a priority that this party can only be redeemed and
restore to its winning ways when we are all sincere, genuine, and anchored on the path of
salvaging righteousness”, the organisation further said.

Thursday, 13 July 2017


 Reason why PDP form alliance with Labour Party in Lagos State

                                            Vote LABOUR PARTY ! FORWARD EVER!!

Due to the fact that the local Government Election in Lagos State is here, the PDP cannot affort to disappoint its numerous supporters by not participating in the local Government Election because of the Leadership tussle that is wrecking the Party at the National Level.

It is clear that the factional Leader of the Party ( Alimodu Sheriff's Group which is not more that ten percent (10%) of PDP members in Lagos State) is a tool in the hands of the APC to destroy the PDP.

We, the true members of the PDP under the leadership of Sen. Ahmed Makarfi's Caretaker Committee and our National Leaders are: Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Pof. Jerry Gana, Sen,. Ike Ekweremadu (Deputy Senate President), Majority of the BOT members, past and present PDP Governors, Former Ministers, Former Vice President , Elder State-men  Chief Alex Ekwueme, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Chief Ibiyinka Olabode George and host of others approved our alliance with Labour Party just for the Local Government Election only while awaiting the Supreme Court Judgement.

 In view of the above, Vote Wisely, Vote Labour Party.

 A vote for the PDP in this local Government Election is like Voting the APC.

Friday, 7 July 2017

I AM SORRY - Ali Modu Sheriff Apoligized to Sen Otunba Omisore

A very close associate of Sen Ali Modu Sheriff disclosed how disappointed Ali Modu Sheriff was as the the jubilant crowd and shout of Sen Otunba Iyiola Omisore at Isokan, PDP Rally yesterday.
 This discussion was in Ideal Nest Hotel yesterday. The Ali Modu Shariff led contingent amazed, asked if Apomu, Isokan LG was Otunba Omisore's hometown. He was forced to query Prof Wale Oladipo of insincerity in passing information about the true picture of events in Osun State. He was further miffed when Prof Wale Ladipo's entrance to the rally didn't elicit any ovation.
The embarrassment was further aggravated when Ali Modu's mispronounced good afternoon in Yoruba with "E k'Osun" without response from the mammoth crowd. His shouts of PDP, more than three times were greeted with cemetery silence at
Apomu yesterday.

Osumare Arankaye
Ali Modu Sheriff later congratulated Sen Omisore with his sense of maturity in bringing the two factions together and assured Omisore that with what he saw yesterday, he will be happy when he leaves the Chairman's office.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

The maladministration of Aregbe and APC - Dr Bayo Faforiji

                                   PDP Chairman Osun State (Makarfi Faction) -Dr Bayo Faforiji

What is happening in Osun PDP now is the outcome of the collective pain we all bear as a result of the maladministration of Aregbe and APC. We now live in mortal fear of an hegemonic and perpetual sustenance of APC desecration of all the things we hold dear and valuable in our beloved state.
This fear is so pervasive that we are prepared to go into partnership with Lucifer, if he can join hands with us to send our resident army of looters and destroyers out of Osun.
But in all these, we cannot afford to be oblivious of the background to our current situation in a holistic perspective.
My fervent prayer is that our collective sacrifice in this process in Osun state will lead to a resounding victory for our party on Saturday.
However, let's not gloss over the outcome of the Supreme Court judgment on Wednesday. It will certainly not be irrelevant in Osun state. It will present us with new challenges which if properly managed, could strengthen this new bond of love and unity towards 2018, but if not, then it may lead us to another merry go round and rancorous intraparty relationships, which of course, will be an ill wind.
Victory on Saturday is a task that must be accomplished, for the sake of ourselves and even our unborn generations in the state of the living spring.
God bless the PDP, God bless Osun state

Osun Bye-Election: CSCEOS uncovers plan by Aregbesola to use Ambulance to perpetrate electoral fraud

An Osun state based Civil Society Organization (CSO), the Civil Societies Coalition for the Emancipation of Osun State(CSCEOS) has uncovered plan by the State governor,Mr. Rauf Aregbesola to use State owned ambulance vehicles to perpetrate electoral fraud by using it to carry ballot boxes stuffing with ballot papers as well using it to board political thugs imported from Lagos with their sophisticated weapons to various poling units across the Osun west Senatorial district during the forthcoming bye-election .

The group also disclosed that the State government had concluded arrangement to make use of refuse vehicle for the same purpose in the units where number of available ambulance could not reach to carry out the nefarious electoral fraud during the poll,alleging that all the political thugs to be used by the State government had been lodged in an hotel around Islahudden Grammar School,Ring -Road area,Osogbo in the State capital .

A credible source from government house, Oshogbo informed the civil group that Mr. Aregbesola and his team came up with the idea of using emergency ambulance vehicles as a way to beat the security operatives deployed to monitor the forthcoming bye election in the state by deceiving them that they carried emergency person to the hospital during the poll.

This was contained in a statement issued by the CSCEOS' Directorate of Media and Strategy, which was signed by its Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman and copies were made available to newsmen on Tuesday, declared that the government house source which crave anonymity, said
that Aregbesola had given verbal directive to the new State
Commissioner for Health, Dr Rafiu Isamotu to make all the ambulances in the custody of State Ministry of Health and Hospital Management board available for electoral purposes.

The statement has it that the same directive was also given to the State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Bola Ilori who was inner member of the Aregbesola’s Planning Committee of the Bye-Election, to release all the refuse vehicles in the Ministry of Environment for the same purpose ahead of Saturday Osun west Bye-Election.

It enjoyed the good people of the State to be vigilant by exposing and reporting any suspected movement of ambulance and refuse vehicles before and during the forthcoming bye-election in the State to the security agents, noting that all the effort of Mr. Aregbesola to rig the bye-election would be thwarted by the people of the Zone.

According to the statement, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola has been hell bent in rigging the forthcoming bye-election in favour of his anointed candidate, Mudasiru Hussein, with the collaboration of the few bad elements in the electoral umpire and security operatives in order to thwart the wishes of the people of the Senatorial district, advising the electoral officials and security personnel deployed for the bye-election to remember the outcome of 2015 general elections and River State bye-election by letting their conduct during the poll, be of apolitical and professionalism.

It therefore urged all the security agents deployed to monitor the
election to be at alert before, during and after the bye-election by
not allowing any miscreants to disrupt the peaceful conduct of the election, urging that anything capable of breaching the peace and orderliness of the conduct of the poll should be nipped in the bud.


Below is the 2016 WASC results as released by WAEC. The states are categorized according to the performance in the examination. Oyo and Osun states are the only two southwest states in the lowest category. Very soon, we may be categorized as one of the Educationally disadvantaged states. This is a call for urgent action from all of us. This is more than an emergency. Even the Book Haram ravaged state of Borno performed better. Please share this till it gets to the decision makers and other stakeholders.

• Abia -1st
• Anambra -2nd
• Edo -3rd
• Rivers -4th
• Imo -5th
• Lagos -6th
• Bayelsa -7th
• Delta -8th
• Enugu -9th
• Ebonyi -10th

• Ekiti -11th
• Kaduna - 12th
• Ondo -13th
• Abuja -14th
• Kogi -15th
• Benue -16th
• Akwa Ibom -17th
• Kwara -18th
• Ogun -19th
• Cross River -20th

• Taraba -21st
• Plateau -22nd
• Nasarawa -23rd
• Kano -24th
• Borno -25th
• Oyo -26th
• Niger -27th
• Adamawa -28th
• Osun -29th
• Sokoto -30th
• Bauchi -31st
• Kebbi -32nd
• Katsina -33rd
• Gombe -34th
• Jigawa -35th
• Zamfara -36th
• Yobe - 37th.

 It is quite disheartening that the level of performance can be that low. It is a gradual process. What do you expect when teachers were not appointed where needed, where those on the job are dispirited due to no incentive from the government? The students will definitely suffer for it. The cumulative effects of this will have deleterious consequences on the future of our state. No efforts should be spared to get us  back to our prestigious position educationally. First, will be to vote out a government that can afford to toy with the destiny of our children at the next election. Second, there will be need to organise an educational summit to map out the strategies to confront the problem. God bless Osun State.

Monday, 3 July 2017


                                                LABOUR PARTY! FORWARD EVER!!

These are the Gladiators contesting in IBA - LCDA under The platform of  Labour Party (Nigeria),  in the Lagos State Local Election which is schedule to take place on the 22nd of July, 2017.
They are TRUSTED and TESTED , to bring real development to the people.

                                                 HON  OLUWASEUN ALABO MCDEDE

                                                             FLORENCE  OKEKE  

                                              HON KOMOLAFE OLATUNBOSUN  ISREAL

                                                 HON WASIU ADEIGBE ADEKUNLE

                                                        HON. MMADU CHIMA  JUDE

Sunday, 2 July 2017



The State Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party, under the chairmanship of Dr Bayo Faforiji met today at the Ogo Oluwa Secretariat, Osogbo and resolved as follows:

1. That we stand by the candidacy of Dr Demola Adeleke in the July 8 bye election in the state.

2. That we urge Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola to allow the wish of the majority to prevail in that election.

3. That we equally appeal to INEC to guarantee a free, fair and transparent exercise that will be acceptable to the majority.

4. That we urge the people of Osun state, especially the electorate in the west senatorial district to remain calm and conduct themselves in a peaceful manner during the election.

Osun PDP Truce: Southwest Leaders Commend Omisore

Southwest leaders of Peoples Democratic Party poured encomium on Senator Iyiola Omisore for the leadership role he played in brokering peace among the warring factions in Osun State.

The lingering dispute which had polarized the party into two; Senator Ahmed Makarfi and Senator Alli Modu Sheriffs camps, came to an abrupt end on Sunday June 18, 2017 at the country home of Senator Omisore in Ile Ife, Osun State.

According to the Zonal Chairman of the party in Southwest, Olorogun Eddy Olafeso said the move by Omisore which led to the meeting can be described as a worthy development which should be emulated by national leaders of the party. Senator Omisore's initiatives brought about this unique truce within the party and his sincerity and astute leadership quality must be commended by all because PDP in Osun State today can now stand as one,” Olafeso said.

Speaking further South West Zonal Chairman said for PDP to regain its lost glory, others must borrow a leaf from Osun State, and end the disunity that is ravaging the party and see themselves as a family under one umbrella, and strive to take  party to greater height. "My belief is that this great achievement in Osun PDP, will motivate all other states to follow suit, a bid to reclaim our lost glory,”

Olafeso also advised members of the party in Osun State that they should not allow the opposition to throw spanner in their wheel of progress.
“We must now see ourselves as people with common front and that is the only way we can reach our desired goal,” he opined.

Rev. Bunmi Jenyo,
Zonal Secretary, South West

Good News! His Excellency Otunba lyiola Omisore visit the Adeleke family

Good News! His Excellency Otunba lyiola Omisore visit the Adeleke family at Ede country home today for strategic planning for the victory at the forthcoming bye election for Osun West senatorial district. Above pictures L- R:  H/E Otunba lyiola Omisore, Dr. Deji Adeleke & Ms. Dupe Adeleke


The country home of Dr Deji Adeleke the younger brother of late Senator Isiaka Adeleke went agog with wild jubilation from the crowd as Otunba Iyiola Omisore paid unscheduled visit to the Adelekes.

The shout of Omioo rented the air as the former deputy governor and two terms senator was sighted by thousands of people who were preparing for political rallies  scheduled to take place in some local governments in Osun West senatorial distric

Otunba Omisore who appeared in a simple Ankara attire with a matching sandal was received by Dr Deji Adeleke who led  the visitor and members of his entourage to his  living room where they held a brief meeting before proceeding to another meeting where he addressed the waiting crowd.

At the meeting which was held inside the family hall and attended by mammoth crowd Omisore urged members of the party to be vigilant and protect their votes to prevent rigging during the election.

He told the gathering that the only way the late Senator Isiaka Adeleke can be immortalised is for the  people of Osun west senatorial district to vote  PDP.

Earlier Alhaji Fatai Diekola a chieftain of APC from Oshogbo who was also at the meeting told the gathering that he was at the meeting as a mark of solidarity with the Adelekes.

Alhaji Diekola who is also known as Omo oju Oja , agbelepawo  said the end has come for the reign of terror of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in Osun.

"Am a member of APC but today am here to show my support for the family of Adeleke, this is my former party (PDP) we must all work to defeat Aregbesola's candidate in this coming election. He enthused.

Dr Deji Adeleke while addressing the crowd urged them to be vigilant and chase away  imported thugs and fake voters from Lagos and any other places.

He urged the people of the area to report any suspicious movement and those who may impersonate as INEC officials during the election to the law enforcement agencies.

Those on the entourage of Otunba Omisore include, Barrister Ojo Williams PDP south west legal adviser, Rev Bunmi Jenyo PDP South west Secretary, Basorun Tayo Omojowogbe former Special Adviser to the governor of Osun State, Engineer Ogungboyega Osun  state secretary of PDP and host of others.
                      Idowu Afolami.
                  Director of Media
                and Publicity PDP
                Osun State

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Hon Moshood Salvador's Sallah message to Lagosians.

                                        Lagos State PDP Chairman (Markafi) - Hon Moshood Salvador

Eid Mubarak, happy Sallah to friends and all lagos state PDP members. Our alliance is all about making success history in the coming council election. we shall make records of victory without violence. My strategies is beyond what you can physically see. I'm not known for violence nor lies or corruption. Believe me, follow instructions, be tactical and be patient. Barka de sallah.
Salvador Moshood 
PDP State chairman (Makarfi)

I’ll continue my late brother’s philanthropic legacy ―Ademola Adeleke

                            Dr Ademola Adeleke

The candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for July 8 bye-election for Osun West Senatorial District, Dr Ademola Adeleke has said he would continue the philanthropic legacy of his late brother, Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, with a view to better the lots of indigent people in the society.

He also said he had commenced a N250million scholarship scheme for the youth of Osun West, with a tackling poverty and empower indigent students of his constituency to realise their educational projections.

Adeleke, who stated this in Iwo, the headquarters of Osun West Senatorial District, while being presented to the PDP leaders charged the people of the 10 communities, constituting the district to come out in large number to vote for the PDP during the July 8 bye-election.
While expressing appreciation to the party leadership for accepting wholeheartedly, he maintained that he was overwhelmed by their show of support towards him, stressing that “I promise not to disappoint you. I’ll continue the philanthropic legacy of my late elder brother, whose main worry was how to better the lives of the masses”.

“To kick start, I have rolled out scholarship scheme of N250million for the youths of Osun West Senatorial District, but it is important for all eligible people go out and vote for out PDP during this forthcoming July 8 bye-election and next year governorship poll.”

“I have been in politics since 1991. My late father and brother also taught me a lot, especially to be good to people, which is what I’ve always been doing and will continue to do”, Adeleke remarked.
In his remark, a member of the PDP Board of Trustees, Alhaji Shuaib Oyedokun lauded the process which brought about the accord in the party and enjoined every member to go out and canvass for the party’s candidate.

Similarly, former governor of Osun State and the candidate of the PDP in 2014 governorship election, Senator Iyiola Omisore said “Osun West is very important to everyone of us, that’s why we decided to come together and honour the memory of our late senator by massively supporting his brother, Ademola Adeleke to emerge victorious in the bye election.”

Culled from Nigerian Tribune

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Osun State APC in confusion over the choice of candidate for the coming bye-Election in the state.

                                            Sen Mudasiru Hussein              Patricia Etteh
Let's change Senator Mudasiru Hussein name as APC candidate to Hon Olubunmi Patricia Etteh, Hussein can't win this coming bye- Election- Chief Oladele Olajire advises Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

There was controversies at Osun state governor's house  yesterday as Apc elders caucus from Iwo zone led by Chief Oladele Olajire informed governor Rauf Aregbesola that Senator Mudashiru Hussein can not lead Apc to victory in the forthcoming bye election of Osun west senatorial district and advised Aregbesola and leadership of Apc to replace his name with former speaker of House of Representatives Hon Olubunmi Etteh. 

Hon Olubunmi Foluke Etteh is a grassroot politician,she represented the Ayedaade/Isokan/Irewole federal constituency in Osun State, She was initially elected in 1999 as an Alliance for Democracy (AD) member, but switched to the People's Democratic Party (PDP) when running for re-election in 2003,Etteh is one of the APC strong political leader in Irewole local government,She was elected to the position of speaker unanimously in June 2007, and is the only woman to have held this position in the Nigerian government.

Senator Mudasiru Hussein candidacy is a wrong permutation at this time, How can Speaker of the house of assembly Hon Najeem Salam come from Ejigbo,Member of House Representative Hon Mojeed Alabi also from Ejigbo and Apc will go to the same town to pick Senate candidate Mudashiru Hussein.

Osun Apc is confused,  Vote Ademola Adeleke! ,Vote PDP!!!!

Sunday, 18 June 2017


PDP leader in Osun State Otunba Iyiola Omisore has urged all democrats to cast their votes for Ademola Adeleke in the coming Osun west bye election.

Speaking in his house in Ile  Ife when the senatorial candidate of the party paid a solidarity visit to him, Omisore said the election of Ademola became necessary because of the  mysterious death of his brother.

He stressed  the need for all and sundry to vote for Ademola Adeleke for him to complete the tenure of his late brother and also to sympathise with the family over the untimely demise of the late senator.

Senator Omisore stated that since we are all mortals we are all bound to return to our creator one day adding that he would do everything within his capacity to ensure that victory comes the way of the party during the election.

He called on all the factions in the party to close ranks and admonished those feeding fat on the crisis in the party in Osun to desist from such henceforth.

Earlier  the former speaker of Osun State House of Assembly Hon Adejare Bello while introducing those in the entourage of the senatorial candidate, said he was happy to re unite with Omisore adding that without the support of Otunba Omisore it wouldn't be possible to coast home victory in the coming election.

He spoke further that the need to win the coming election necessitated the coming together of the two groups in Osun to support the family of Adeleke.

He pointed out the the alliance was based on equal partnership adding that the candidate does not belong to any of the two factions in Osun State PDP.

He revealed that the coming together to work for the candidate was the handiwork of Otunba Omisore and other notable leaders like Dr olu Alabi, Oluomo Tajudeen Oladipo and few others.

In his remarks Barrister Ojo Williams who led the negotiation team  from Omisore's group allayed the fears of some members of the group that they've been traded off.

He re echoed Otunba Omisore's statement on the needs to give sympathetic votes to Adeleke's family as a compensation for the loss the family suffered as a result of the death of the late Senator .

He advised social media critics from both sides to sheath their swords adding that they should shun any publication that could jeopardise the chance of the candidate

He stated further that in Yoruba land only a younger brother is allowed to inherit from what his older brother left behind not the other way round, hence the need for supporting Ademola Adeleke as a compensation for the death of his brother

The senatorial candidate Dr Ademola Adeleke in his response said he has  little or nothing to say, pointing out that he has come back to where he belongs.

" It's true that we left PDP for APC as a result of minor misunderstandings but I can tell you that during our short sojourn in APC the souls of all Adelekes  were here" .

The party  chairman Dr Bayo Faforiji also urged all members of the party to work together as a team to ensure that the party wins the election

He pointed out that people of the state were looking forward to the party to lift them out of the abyss of  abject poverty that APC administration in the state has plunged them into.

Thursday, 15 June 2017


                                                   Lagos State PDP Chairman - Hon Moshood Salvador

Good Afternoon Gentleman of the press. We are all not unaware of the Leadership of problem rocking our party, which we are awaiting the decision of the Supreme Court to end the crisis. This is why the party needs experienced, knowledgeable, articulate and a gentleman, leadership at all levels.
By extension, the Alimodu Sheriff group of Lagos PDP, with the special interest of Senator Buruji Kashamu, also took advantage of the crisis, connive with APC to reduce the chances of PDP Success in the coming Lagos State Council Election.

 They came with several violent actions to disturb the smooth running of Salvador led PDP administration in Lagos State. But with Salvador leadership quality and experience, he refused to distracted and failed their plans.

You may recall the press statement of one Mr Segun Adewale in May 2017 promising to accept the Leadership if Salvador and his readiness to be Vice Chairman to Salvador.
This Sheriff group broke the promises immediately it was made. They knew that they are less than 10% of the PDP membership in Lagos State. This shows why they only believe in violence for every move made and they lack quality and reliable leadership with no visible elders and leaders.

Makarfi group of Lagos PDP led by Hon Moshood Adegoke Salvador has over 90% of the real membership of PDP in Lagos State. We are therefore the real authentic PDP because politics is all about the people. Our main objective is to serve the nation, our objective is to serve our members, our objective is to actualize the dreams of our teaming members by creating opportunities for them to contest election and win. This is how they can be in government to serve their Community.

The people of Lagos are very ready to vote PDP into Power at this local government election because APC did nothing to the people at the local government level. All local government road are bad, no community health care centers again, no sanitation / environmental service again and so on.

This is why we are determined and ready to make the positive change in all the local government area and the local council development area. We also pledge that we will not disappoint the public when voted into power.
 I refuse to be distributed, the Makarfi group of PDP under the leadership of Hon Moshood Salvador has refused to allow their teaming members disenfranchised. If legal solution us being delayed, we have taken to political solution to Form a political alliance.
 "Political alliance is an agreement for cooperation between different Political parties on common Political agenda, often for the purpose of contesting an election "

We are PDP any day and anytime. We only have a Pre-electoral Political alliance with Labour Party to contest this coming Local Government election only. This is not the first time of this type of alliance in Nigeria.

The first experience of Pre-electoral Alliance in Nigeria was in 1999 when defunct All People Party [APP] and Alliance for Democracy [AD] formed an alliance to contest Presidential election, with Chief Olu Falae of AD as Presidential candidate and Umaru Shinkafi of APP as the Vice Presidential candidate.

Again in 2003, Alliance for Democracy [AD] of Lagos State, had an alliance with PAC under the leadership of Late Alhaji Olawale Dawodu.
Also recently in 2017, Delta State, PDP Han an alliance with Accord Party to defeat APC in their last election.

I am now appealing to all lovers and sympathizers of PDP in Lagos State to cast their vote for "Labour PDP alliance" and vote Labour Party. It is an alliance. We never decamped to any party. We never declared for another party and we never dumped our dear PDP. We are the PDP strength in Lagos State. In this pre-electoral alliance, we have 342 Councillorship Candidates and 52 Chairmanship Candidates.

As from this very moment, I now declare that all our candidates must start pasting their posters, commence the house to house campaigns and educate electorates on the circumstance of our using Labour Party for this Council Election only.

The L.G.A Chairmen, the Ward Chairmen and all our LCDA Chairmen must start work tirelessly to educate the public on our circumstance of this Council Election and work closely with all their Labour Party counterparts and candidates in their various Local Governments

God bless you all.
Hon Moshood Adegoke Salvador
PDP Lagos State Chairman

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Boko Haram leader Shekau 'injured in air strike'

                                                                      Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau. 

Kano - Boko Haram's leader Abubakar Shekau has been injured and one of his deputies killed in an air strike in northeast Nigeria, civilian and security sources told AFP on Wednesday.
Two Nigerian Air Force jets bombarded fighters who had gathered for prayers in Balla village, some 40km from Damboa, on the edge of the Sambisa Forest, last Friday.
"Shekau was wounded in the bombings and is believed to be receiving treatment near the Nigerian border with Cameroon around Kolofata," said one source with contacts within Boko Haram.
"His deputy, Abba Mustapha, alias Malam Abba, was killed in the attack along with another key lieutenant, Abubakar Gashua, alias Abu Aisha," he added.
Babakura Kolo, a member of the civilian militia in the Borno state capital, Maiduguri, gave a similar account, saying "Shekau was injured and a number of commanders were killed.
"Among them is his deputy called Malam Abba. They suffered heavy casualties because the bombings targeted a large gathering of his followers attending Friday prayers."
There was no immediate comment from the Nigerian military when contacted by AFP. The authorities have previously claimed to have killed Shekau on at least three occasions.
In an emailed statement on Tuesday night, the air force said it had bombed "a gathering of Boko Haram terrorists" last Friday "in a village 3.42 km northeast of Mangosum".
The "air interdiction mission" in the remote region involved three jets.
"Battle damage assessment conducted after the strike showed that several leaders of the Boko Haram terrorist organisation and their followers were killed during the attacks," it added.
A senior military officer in Maiduguri confirmed the air force bombed Boko Haram positions "in the Damboa area on Friday where they hit the targets with precision".
"We got intel (intelligence) that the terrorists were gathering at the location and we acted on the report," he added, requesting anonymity as he was not authorised to speak about the operation.
He said he was unable to comment on Shekau but the source with contacts in Boko Haram said Mustapha was preaching when the first jet bombed the mosque at about 13:00.
Moments later a second jet targeted worshippers as they fled.
"Shekau was just leaving a house nearby for the mosque when the first jet struck. He was injured in the second strike," said the source, describing the casualties as "huge".
"They spent the rest of Friday and the whole of Saturday burying the dead," he said, without specifying numbers.
Shekau had been bed-ridden for days with malaria before the attack, he added.
Local people in the Konduga area said Boko Haram fighters went on the rampage following the air strike.
"They came by the river hurling insults at us, accusing us of providing information about their locations and movements to the military," said fisherman Ibrahim Bawa.
"They said we were responsible for the attack on their mosque which killed many of their people. They were very angry," added another fisherman, Usman Sallau.
The jihadists rounded up six fishermen and slit their throats. Others escaped by swimming across the river, he said.
Boko Haram has killed over 20 000 people since it took up arms against the Nigerian government in 2009 to establish a hardline Islamist state.
The insurgency has decimated northeast Borno state with the violence displacing 2.6 million from their homes and causing a hunger crisis.
After years of suffering humiliating losses to Boko Haram, the Nigerian military has reclaimed swathes of territory back from the jihadists.
Yet despite claims that Boko Haram is a spent force, the Islamists still launch attacks.

Lamido Granted Bail Based On Self Recognition

A Magistrate Court sitting in Dutse has granted a former Jigawa State governor, Sule Lamido, bail on own recognizance after ruling that the offence for which he was arraigned is bailable.
The prosecution had argued against Mr. Lamido being granted bail saying he could jeopardise peace in the state, while Lamido’s counsel argued that the former governor remained innocent until proven guilty.
The court had on Tuesday remanded Mr Lamido in prison custody pending the court’s decision today on his application for bail.
He was arraigned before the court on a four-count charge bordering on inciting comments.
Mr Lamido was arrested by the police in Kano on Sunday for allegedly inciting his supporters to violence during the forthcoming council poll in Jigawa state on July 1.
Mr Lamido who was Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister between 1999 and 2003, was put on trial by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission alongside his sons, for allegedly embezzling state funds while he was governor.

Supreme Court Begins Hearing On PDP Leadership Crisis

The legal battle over the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party has continued in the nation’s hightest court.
The Supreme Court will today hear the objection filed by the National Chairman of the party, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, against the appeal filed before the court by the Senator Ahmed Makarfi-led faction.
The Makarfi-led National Caretaker Committee of the party had on March 16 filed an appeal before the Supreme Court against the judgement of the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on February 27, which declared Sheriff as the legitimate National Chairman of the party.
But Sheriff filed an objection to the appeal on March 21, asking the apex court to strike out the appeal by the Makarfi faction.
Sheriff argued in his application that Makarfi does not have legal standing to appeal against the judgement of the Court of Appeal on behalf of the PDP.
The Supreme Court had on March 23 fixed today, May 4, for the continuation of hearing on the leadership tussle, which has lingered for many months.
The PDP leadership tussle started in May 2016 after the Federal High Court in Lagos ordered the party not to hold its planned national convention.
Mr. Sheriff had approached the court to stop the convention.
Since then, efforts to resolve the leadership crisis in the opposition party outside the court have been unsuccessful.