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About & Achievements - Senator Olaka Nwogu (Rivers South-East )

Senator Olaka Nwogu

Senator Olaka Nwogu Rivers South- East Senatorial District

Olaka Nwogu (born 26 January 1965) is a Nigerian civil servant and politician who was a member of the House of Representatives from 1999 until 2011 for People's Democratic Party. He represented the constituency of Tai–Eleme–Oyigbo.[1] Prior to being elected to the House, he served as Mayor (chairman) of Eleme local government area in Rivers State. In March 2015, he contested for the seat of Senator in the National Assembly and won by 408,353 votes, defeating incumbent Sen. Magnus Abe of the All Progressives Congress.[2]
In addition to his political career, Nwogu has also ventured into business. He is currently the owner of Landmark Hotel in D-line and Hinterland Construction Company in Eleme.[3]


Well,  we have challenges in Rivers State and especially the South East Senatorial District.   I intend to pursue the empowerment of our youths, the creation of job opportunities, the cleanup of Ogoni land and indeed all the Niger-Delta areas that has been devastated by oil production, Exploration and Production. 

We intend to improve our ability to create wealth and economic prosperity for our people.
By creating industrial parks and Corridors so that our people can get jobs.

We intend to address the issues of Women and Children, so that the health of our Mothers and their ability to do what they do best which is sustaining families is enhanced



The answer to this question is mind blowing.  This is so because Senator Olaka Johnson Nwogu is not only a colossus but a political enigma.  Senator Olaka Johnson Nwogu is simply a humble and committed politician who has built for himself a towering political pedigree which does not require him to blow his trumpet as his opponent is found doing over the place.

Let us now come to terms with what defines the personality of this charming political colossus. But then, it is even difficult to enlist what defines the political essences of this personality.  Let us therefore give only but a slice of Senator Olaka Johnson Nwogu’s political scores  card.

Did you know that Senator Olaka Johnson Nwogu has all these to his credit? Simply open your eyes:
500KVA 33 substation electrification project in Mao community, Alesa, Eleme.
500KVA substation electrification project at Craft Centre, Ogale.
500KVA substation project at Refinery Road, Alesa, completed.
500KVA substation project, Egbalor Ebubu, Eleme; completed.
500KVA substation electrification project, Principal Quarters, Agbonchia, Eleme; completed.
500KVA substation electrification project (school), Alesa, Eleme.
500KVA substation electrification, School Road, Alesa.
500KVA substation electrification project, Zinc Road, Agbonchia, Eleme; completed.
Hospital equipment supply to Alesa and Ogale health centres.
ICT centre, Elesa, Elesa; completed.
Library centre, Agbonchia; completed.
School furniture, Comprehensive School, Alesa, Eleme.
Supply of drugs to Alesa Health Centre.
Supply of drugs to Onne Health Centre.
Supply of ICT equipment to Alesa ICT Centre.
Supply of library books to Agbonchia Library Centre.
Supply of school desk to Senior Secondary School, Alesa, Eleme.

This is indeed mind – blowing. It is even surprising that this humble man is not ranting about telling those who do not even want to listen as do those who think they are opposing him. Have we not seen the difference? It is therefore demanding on us to vote for this colossus of a man.  Vote the man who is committed to providing the very best of the dividends of democracy; vote the man who has the people at heart. Vote for the personification of democracy; vote for true and quality representation.

Vote for Senator Olaka Johnson Nwogu for Rivers South East Senatorial district.  PDP! Power!
Sen Olaka ‘s achievements in Tai and Oyigbo is loading.

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