Thursday, 8 December 2016

Amaechi partnered Buhari to unseat his own brother- Prince Henry Nwazuruahu

Rotimi Amaechi with President Buhari
NEWS NUGGET- When in 2015, Amaechi partnered Buhari to unseat his own brother, I made a post that he was piling up debts his children will pay. Today, the world watched as he brought 'strangers' to desecrate in his father's house.

If there was no way Jonathan/PDP could have won against Buhari in Kastina, why does Amaechi think the people of Rivers will suddenly start voting APC? Amaechi is seen by many from the South as a betrayer and an unrepentant sell-out. The number of attendees at his rally today confirms that.

Now, the Inspector-General of Police has landed in Portharcourt. The Chief of Army Staff may go too. All this for a Legislative rerun election.

So, for every life that is needlessly taken because he wants to forcefully take what doesn't belong to him, those close to him should tell him we will require those blood from him after Buhari leaves.

It is a promise.
Prince Henry Nwazuruahu

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