Friday, 25 November 2016

Message to the good people of Ondo State - Gov Ayodele Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose

Message to the good people of Ondo State 
#Governor Fayose on Orange 94.5 FM, Akure just now#
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I am here to address the good people of Ondo State.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I say it as it is, that's me. I am a special being, I have found God’s grace.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: If Jegede wouldn't have become governor of Ondo State, he would not have won at the Appeal Court yesterday.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: APC don't try nonsense with me, they know I will beat them a hundred times and over here in Ekiti.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: They used Yoruba against Yoruba during the days of Awolowo, we can't afford to allow that right now.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Yoruba la koko nse ki a to se egbe, any battle against Tinubu is a battle against the Yoruba people.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: This is an Opportunity for Akure. We must vote massively, 100% for Jegede.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I call on Akure and the good people of Ondo State to vote PDP and Jegede.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I heard they have printed some results, shame on you Ondo people if you do not resist them, nobody dare try that with me in Ekiti, you must resist them.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Olooto ilu ni ika ilu, they hate the truth, that is why they (the FG) are against me.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Akure has a lot of votes, Stand firm and fear not, Akure, this is a golden opportunity, take it!
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: My people out there, my lovers, my kinsmen from Ekiti, my fans, you that believe in me, the Igbo people in Ondo State, the South South people in Ondo State, I urge you all to cast your votes for PDP en-mass.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I have told INEC Chairman to be careful not to destroy his name on the platform of politics.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Broom is a sign of hunger, runaway when you see it.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: This APC are ritualists, run away from them.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Vote PDP, Vote Eyitayo Jegede

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