Friday, 25 November 2016

Message to the good people of Ondo State - Gov Ayodele Fayose

Governor Ayodele Fayose

Message to the good people of Ondo State 
#Governor Fayose on Orange 94.5 FM, Akure just now#
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I am here to address the good people of Ondo State.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I say it as it is, that's me. I am a special being, I have found God’s grace.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: If Jegede wouldn't have become governor of Ondo State, he would not have won at the Appeal Court yesterday.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: APC don't try nonsense with me, they know I will beat them a hundred times and over here in Ekiti.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: They used Yoruba against Yoruba during the days of Awolowo, we can't afford to allow that right now.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Yoruba la koko nse ki a to se egbe, any battle against Tinubu is a battle against the Yoruba people.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: This is an Opportunity for Akure. We must vote massively, 100% for Jegede.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I call on Akure and the good people of Ondo State to vote PDP and Jegede.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I heard they have printed some results, shame on you Ondo people if you do not resist them, nobody dare try that with me in Ekiti, you must resist them.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Olooto ilu ni ika ilu, they hate the truth, that is why they (the FG) are against me.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Akure has a lot of votes, Stand firm and fear not, Akure, this is a golden opportunity, take it!
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: My people out there, my lovers, my kinsmen from Ekiti, my fans, you that believe in me, the Igbo people in Ondo State, the South South people in Ondo State, I urge you all to cast your votes for PDP en-mass.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: I have told INEC Chairman to be careful not to destroy his name on the platform of politics.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Broom is a sign of hunger, runaway when you see it.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: This APC are ritualists, run away from them.
#FayoseOnOrangeFM: Vote PDP, Vote Eyitayo Jegede

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Grand Finale Rally Announcement!!! - Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

Grand Finale Rally Announcement!!!

We are pleased to invite all members of our great party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), supporters and general public to the grand finale rally for  Honorable Fatima Aduke Mohammed's bid for House of Representative Bye-Election for Ifako-Ijaiye on the  29th of November, 2016

Rally Venues: State High School Playing Field off Social Club Road New Oko Oba, Lagos

The rally will have Former Deputy National Leader, the Atoona of Yoruba Land, Chief Olabode George, South-West leaders, Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State, Ex-Ministers, Lagos State PDP Excos, the incoming Governor of ONDO State, Mr Eyitayo Jegede (SAN) and PDP National Excos in attendance.

We want to affirm again that Honorable Fatima Aduke Mohammed is the authentic candidate recognized by the INEC and the Constitution of the party.

Members and supporters should come out in great numbers to support the movement as we head for a big win and Victory.

Its a BOLD STEP!!! Let's Take it together.

Announcer: Adelaja Adeoye
Fatee Media Office.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Representing all ethnic groups in Ifako/Ijaiye - Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

 Meeting with the representatives of the South South, South East and Arewa group within the Federal Constituency.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

NGO and Humanitarian Services : Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

NGO and Humanitarian Services
Fatima Aduke Mohammed established a foundation. A foundation dedicated to the socioeconomic and political development of Ifako - Ijaiye. The foundation recently organized children's day party for kids in Ifako - Ijaiye. As part of its humanitarian activities over the years, the foundation has also helped so many widows and single mothers in Ifako - Ijaiye. The last Ramadan fasting got the foundations attention through the distributing of provision to Muslim faithful.

Health Fair for Ifako / Ijaiye people

I will keep doing more, for my people's life to improve and change for better. Health is wealth. Happy Independence

 The residents of Ifako-Ijaiye were happy to have me organized a health fair programme for them.

Fatima Mohammed has participated in several women development programmes and capacity building trainings both at home and abroad. She has won many awards for her activities in women development from various organisations based in United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Hon Fatima Mohammed present was awarded ICON of Humanity in Nigeria by National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) .

Hon Fatima Mohammed in consultation with women group in Ifako/Ijaiye

 I was in a meeting with catholic women organization Ifako Ijaiye /Ojokoro DEANARY, i was endorsed by the women.

Empowerments and Developments : Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

                                                 Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

Empowerments and Developments
A social and community development expert par excellence, Fatima Mohammed is the founder of the Parchinos Foundation, a foundation focused on women development, empowerment of indigent ones in the society and overall social re-engineering for the betterment of the nation at large. She pioneered Kose Innovation (Beans Cake) for Northern women to empower, give them sense of belonging and how the innovation can aide their business.

Fatima Mohammed is involved in several empowerment initiatives for youths and women in Lagos. She has empowered over 500 youths in computer certification and also in giving out soft loans via a micro credit scheme. Fatee as she's fondly called by her admirers and teaming supporters, is the initiator of the Better Life Options (BLO), a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing rehabilitation and better opportunities for youths and street urchins.

Ifako/Ijaiye By-Election: Read PDP’s Candidate, Fatima Aduke Mohammed’s Message To Voters

Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

It is with great enthusiasm that I decided to represent you  the good people of Ifako/Ijaiye. I have realized that   the lack of emphatic campaigns and goal driven individuals have continued to undermine our welfare as a people ,we have been deprived of some basic services needed not only in Ifako-Ijaye but in Nigeria as a whole, but most of the time little or nothing was done to face this challenge by those who have been representing Ifako/Ijaye in the green chambers before now

A steaming example was that of the “ deceptive progressive of the change mantra”. Most of the time, this failure prevails as a result of giving our mandate to "clientele of political masters whose loyalty remains to them rather than  voting altruistic fellows and real revolutionist of change ,this happens due to lack of vigour required to challenge the powers that  BE ,It has also been revealed that most Sabbatical politicians and community leaders  rely on the use of social media to communicate with electorates,This practise have been proven to be ineffective and retrogressive towards getting the votes that can uphold my interest for the good people of  Ifako Ijaye.

Being a resilient , transparent and outspoken lady , Am aware there are things that seems impossible but I believe impossibilities means ‘I’m Possible’. Impossibilities are nothing as it’s quite clear to me that power belongs to the people when they unite and strive for common and achievable goals

I believe we can achieve anything by making you an integral part of my bold step, do not be an observer ,leaving  me to express your views to relevant authorities. I couldn’t agree more that there are numerous challenges you encounter on a daily basis which needs urgent and consistent campaigns driven by your interests.

We have had  incidences  of bench warmers  whom we voted to represent us in the south west only to get into the National Assembly to support other regions to pass bills that negates the Yoruba nation. I implore you to Send me to the Green chamber to be part of those who will stand to ask for repeal of those law that undermine our welfare which no one has ever wanted to speak  about!

They say, “Freedom is never given freely ,it has to be taken”. In other words,we must ceaselessly campaign for things that matter to us by all means necessary. That been said, I am always ready to sail the ship through in turbulent and tranquil atmospheres.

In have always had a Dream  about sponsoring bills to empower this community in terms of educating, employing and empowering my fellow Ifako Ijaye residents.

My mothers,fathers,brothers, and sisters. Give me ur vote ,vote the PDP come 3rd December ,help my dreams become a reality ,am a mother who is passionate for change  !!My record speaks for me!

I’m not going to stand up there and pretend that I am the loudest person, nor will I pretend it’s going to be an easy ride ,but these are the very reasons why I aspire to represent you in the house of representative. I want to show to you that with  your efforts  and your support it’s possible to get where you and I want to be, because I will turn my constituency around God willing !!

I will go there and always come back every 3 months to present opportunities that are often missed out on ,either because the information never reached you or they just  felt it wasn’t for people like ‘us’. I will be there to represent you and prove to the state as a whole that governance to the common man is doable and achievable !!

Your welfare is imperative to Ibile Peaceful Assembly that has  taught me to be commune. As this is what we represent ,and we will always  stand up as a voice to the voiceless all resources in my disposal shall be harnessed to ensure you have a qualitative environment and

Remember, I cannot do it without you as you are part and parcel of the  this bold step!!join me as we take it together

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Youths on my Mind - Hon Fatima Aduke Mohammed

PUBLIC Announcement!

Honorable Fatima Aduke Mohammed is organizing a FREE Computer training programme for the Youths in Ifako-Ijiaye Federal Constituency and it environs Tagged with a THEME: "Youths on My Mind"

The Programme will be able to teach and familiarize the participants with basic computer knowledge, we are in computer age where almost everything is computerized.

The programme will afford the youths in the area who does not have computer literacy skills the opportunity to acquire the knowledge to quickly catch up with others all over the world.

The programme will kick off on Monday 21st November through to January 2017, from 10 am daily. 

Address: Adedoja Shopping Complex Along Odetunde Road Off Jonathan Coker Road, Fagba, Lagos.

For us, its a bold step to change the face of humanity for good. Let's take it together.

Announcer: Adelaja Adeoye.
Fatee Media Office.

Time out with Youths - Hon Fatima Mohammed

Its not ‘all work' no, never ‘all work' with Fatima Aduke Mohammed.

As part of her mission for a better Ifako-Ijaye, the bubbly candidate has organized a Youth Nite Out for all youths of Ifako-Ijaye constituency.

A night to not just wine and dine, but to put heads together and rub minds since FAM plans to indeed practice a government of the people.

This clubbing and chatting affair holds next week 27th of November

! You shouldn’t miss this one if you love your constituency.

Let’s start here and take it from there!
Ifako-Ijaye needs a change indeed!

It’s a Bold Step, Let’s Take It Together!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Hon Fatima Mohammed ( PDP's House of Representative Candidate for Ifako/Ijaiye Fed Constituency )

Hon  Fatima  Mohammed

About Fatima
Fatima Mohammed was born over forty years ago in Lagos. She attended Command Children School, Bonny Camp Lagos, Command Secondary School, Ipaja before proceeding to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria where she obtained a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc Hons.) degree in Microbiology.

To meaningfully contribute towards societal development, education, poverty alleviation, eradication of hunger, prevention of maternal deaths, good health system, job creation and general well being of the people through excellent leadership built on Honesty, Integrity, Empathy, Resilience and unparallel Service in a dynamic and progressive community. 

Fatima Mohammed started her political foray in 1999 with Alliance for Democracy (AD) where she served actively in various assignments including as PRS in the then Bola Ahmed Tinubu Campaign Organization (BATCO). Hajia Fatima was also the arrowhead of Jimi Agbaje gubernatorial campaign in 2007. She was indeed the Initiator of the Jimi Agbaje Outreach (JAO). She was a front role stakeholder in the Presidential and Governorship election of Nigeria in 2015, her political sagacity and experience cuts across parties which give her an edge as a leader. Fatima is well respected amongst her political friends, followers and associates. Currently she is seeking for an elective post to Nigerian House of Representation in Abuja 2016 under the platform of Africa’s biggest political party PDP.